How we make excellent weighted blankets

            (The Condensed Version)

Our weighted blankets are unique because we use 4 layers of top quality blended cotton and polyester. The cotton adds breathable softness while the polyester adds durability. This combination dissipates heat easily compared to the mass produced weighted blankets over taking the market and fooling innocent people.

We custom make our blankets according to each customer's order one at a time. We use virgin polyproplene pellets (never recycled), colorless, odorless, hypoallergenic, non toxic and BPA free. Using 4 layers of fabric ensures the pellets will not be noisy and they will definitly not escape plus every blanket is machine wash and dry with ease.

Recently, we introduced our 4 seasons weighted blanket which is made with 2 layers of poly cotton and 1 layer of chenille. Chenille is what minky is made from. Let's talk about the weight of the fabric. Our poly cotton weighs 108 grams per sq. meter and our chenille weighs 260 grams per sq. meter. contrast that to the mass produced plush, quilted blankets that weight over 400 grams per sq. meter.

If you think you need a cover, think again. Experience has taught us that they are more trouble than they are worth. If you can wash and dry the blanket without any hassle, there is really no need for more unwanted weight or extra work for 2 people to put on or take off a cover.

CAUTION: If you buy a mass produced weighted blanket that is filled with glass beads or ground glass, they CANNOT be washed and that is why the sellers are promoting covers.