Our Weighted Blankets Guarantee

To our valued customer:

We Stand behind, and are very proud of the quality and workmanship of our Canadian products 100%.  Our standards are very high.

Each and every blanket we produce is made from scratch according to the customer's choice of size, weight and color. Our workmanship is the result of years of experience, dedication, knowledge and hard work.

Like all handmade items, there may be small variances in the size and/or weight of the finished product.  It is not possible to have a perfect colour match when the reproduction is done electronically, and/or when different dye lots are used.  Therefore, we are not responsible if the actual fabric colour is different from the picture(s) shown.  

Weighted blankets should never be used on infants or people who do not have the ability or strength to remove the blanket from their face or head.

Young children’s weighted blankets should only be used with parental supervision.

Customer reviews are our inspiration and reward and we do look forward to them!


Thank you!

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