Cynthia's Weighted Blankets and Crafts

Do you have a collection of Tshirts saved from school, sports, concerts, or special life events? How about clothing you have kept from a loved one who has passed away?  Let me help you turn these clothes into keepsakes you can treasure for ever.

Memory Bears will be made with clothing you bring to me.  They come in two sizes 18” or 21”.

Please allow 2-4 weeks to process once the clothing items have been received. You are responsible for delivering the clothing to me and must be clean and washed with no fabric softener. Unused clothing can be returned.


Name or date can be embroidered on one foot free of charge.  There is an additional charge for embroidery on the second foot or if you would like a patch on the bear.


Item includes free shipping in Canada,


Memory Bear, Memory Keepsake,