Cynthia's Weighted Blankets and Crafts

Weighted Rag Blanket is made with 3 colours of super soft chenille in black, dark grey and light grey. The second colour for the other side will be your choice.  Blanket measures 42x66 and can be made from 12 to 17 pounds. 


Blankets are custom made to order and made one at a time. This way you can choose the colour, fabric, size and weight you would like. Weighted blankets are made to size for the individual person using it at 10% of their body weight. The person using it will benefit most from the right size blanket when it is made to fit the size of their body.


Blanket measures 42" x 66" and weighs 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 or 17 lbs. Only one available.


Pictures are samples of blankets. Finished product will differ depending on choice of size and colours used. 


Please pay attention to the size and weight when placing your order.



Weighted Rag Blanket Chenille , Your Choice Second Colour Poly Cotton, 44x46