washing machine and dryer

Cynthia's Weighted Blankets are completely machine WASHABLE and DRY-ABLE.

You don't have to take them to a dry cleaner.

You don't have to lay them flat to dry.

You don't have to use cold water or a gentle cycle on your washing machine.

A weighted blanket that has glass beads or ground glass in it cannot be washed and dried in the normal manner on laundry day. That is why the mass producers add a cover  to make is sound like a laundry solution. BUT IT'S THE SAME SITUATION AS A PILLOW COVER PROTECTS A PILLOW BUT IT CAN'T DO IT FOREVER, CAN IT???

Our weighted blankets are made with a top quality cotton and poly blend and filled with  polypropylene pellets that are the best on the market. That makes them easy to wash and dry in your own home.


The blend of cotton and polyester makes them durable, light weight, soft and easy to care for.

The melting point for our poly pellets is 500 F.

The fabric will not shrink and the colors will NOT run.

You can use your favorite detergent and fabric softener.


You can use a stain remover prior to washing.

You can use cold, warm or hot water for  washing and low to medium heat for drying.

They should not be dry cleaned.

Bleach is never a good idea with colors.



NOTE: It is recommended to use extra capacity machines like those in laundromats for weighted blankets that weigh more than 17 lbs.  The reason is, of course, to allow for the extra space required to thoroughly wash and dry them.