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Hi There,

We are Dave and Zila, retired Canadians who make excellent weighted blankets in Ontario and we love what we do.





          (That in itself distinguishes us from the major companies who import fixed sizes 

            and weights in containers from Asia)

Each weighted blanket is custom made to order. We are unique in that we use 4 layers of top quality poly cotton fabric for durability - the cotton component adds softness and the polyester adds strength and longevity. The fabric in the blankets is light weight and will not cause you to become overheated like heavy plush fabric does. For example, our fabric weighs 105 grams per sq. meter. Plush fabric weighs anywhere from 300+ grams per sq. meter. We use only the best polypropylene pellets. They are virgin which means they are not recycled. They are BPA free, non toxic, odorless and hypoallergenic. They are less than 1/8" round and are precisely measured and inserted into securely sewn pockets. They are not intrusive. Our blankets are not mass produced so they take some time to make.


We make each blanket according to the customer's weight.Our sizes go according to the weight plus we offer many colors to choose from. We also make it known that weighted blankets do not work for everyone so they cannot be guaranteed by anyone.

You do not need a cover for our blankets. That is because they are made with lightweight, durable fabric. Check out our "No Hassle Laundry Day" page.

Support the Canadian Economy. Don't be fooled by the slick videos and ads on the internet claiming,  "Canada's Top Selling Blanket" and "Canada's Finest Weighted Blanket" and "They ship from a Toronto warehouse", "They are made here in Montreal",etc. because whether they have .ca or .com on their site name, they are mass produced in China and we all know about that quality (or lack of). There are many small companies here in Canada who make excellent weighted blankets. We are PROUD supporters of Autism and Covenant House.

                Our motto is:    SIMPLE....AFFORDABLE....FUNCTIONAL....EFFECTIVE

                                    We offer FREE SHIPPING IN NORTH AMERICA

                                               Prices are subject to change without notice

                                             Our processing time is 1-2 weeks                                                                                                

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